StratCan supplies steel building systems – all pre-engineered for Canadian conditions.

StratCan also provides construction services. Our clients count on StratCan to provide a seamless process, quick delivery, qualified installation personnel and a responsive service team.

If you would like to discuss further, Call Us Toll-Free at 1-855-765-8999, Direct at 709-765-8999 or Email us at to arrange a conference call or meeting. 

We are delighted to have supplied buildings to support industrial projects, as well as buildings for businesses, municipalities, individuals and provincial governments to meet a wide range of needs.

Some of our clients have included Pennecon, Dexter, Astaldi, PF Collins, HJ O’Connell (Bird), PCL, Pacer Corporation, Cahill, Rambler Mines,  D.F. Barnes, Teck, Ocean Contractors and more.

Buildings we have supplied are now being used as warehouses, construction & fabrication, storage buildings, equipment maintenance buildings, bulk storage buildings for mining aggregates, salt, sand, and wood by-products, recreational sports buildings, waste transfer, compost & recycling buildings, farm buildings and commercial greenhouses.

The pre-engineered building systems we supply include:

Industrial Fabric Clad Steel Building Systems

Metal Clad Steel Building Systems

Steel Framed Commercial Greenhouses & Environmental Control Systems

Our Approach

We help identify each client’s specific project requirements.

We supply a custom designed pre-engineered building system.

We support the construction project with experts from the building manufacturer and/or in the field with building installers.

We strive to ensure each client receives the best building with each new pre-engineered building system we supply.

We provide:

– Pre-engineered Buildings up to 200′ wide.

– Experienced, safety-certified construction crews.

– Assistance sourcing third-party suppliers for specialized trades & products.

– Engineer stamped building drawings at no additional charge.

– Project Planning & Construction Management

If you would like to discuss your project needs and determine what building options may be available, Call Us Toll-Free at 1-855-765-8999, Direct at 709-765-8999 or Email us at to arrange a conference call or meeting.